G-Stage GNO Queens!

GS LOVE / May 1, 2014



Good Morning LA! Introducing to you our G-Stage GNO queens for April! Whoever said a girls night out is only about partying and clubbing was definitely wrong. As we observed all the beautiful contestants and their pics, we came across with creative and rad photos! GNO should be a girls night out of all ages and generations right? So congrats to @janicevidal who literally had a GNO with all her girlfriends to Universal city walk…. these girls definitely had fun. Congrats to¬† @leah_janaeg who had a G-StageGNO with her lovely family !!! A definitely fun crew I must add. And last but not least congrats to @sarah_melissawilson who had a classic girls night out with her Gals!!! Hope everyone had fun entering this contest. Stay tuned for the next #G-StageGNO !! <3

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