Mermaid Oval Brush Set Review

GS LOVE / September 27, 2016

The #GSBabes have been in the lab testing out the latest addition to our growing beauty line, Mermaid Oval Brushes.

We’ve seen the look popping up everywhere and had to get our hands on a set to test some looks. No matter how many YouTubes we watched it seemed the general consensus was they gave a flawless finish.   So what’s our verdict? Read on!


Mermaid Oval Brushes – Worth the Hype?

Let’s start off with the crazy looking shape.  It’s true, the brushes from the Mermaid Oval Brush Set don’t look like an ordinary makeup brush.  Once we held the brush to our face the shape of the handle made much more sense; the elongated handle turned out to be a benefit allowing our MUA to get a firm grip for smooth application.  And the gentle flex of the brush handle allowed us to get into every nook and cranny.

So far, so good . . .

Blends like a dream – Dense but not scratchy  Another thing we noticed is the density of the brushes.  While we don’t have a hard count, it seemed the brushes were packed more than your typical foundation brush or kabuki brush.   Several MUAs on YouTube commented that the densely packed brushes were THE REASON so many makeup enthusiasts are able to achieve a flawless finish.  A few of them even said the oval brushes were smoother and softer than a typical makeup brush, too. Hmmm, who knew?

So, who on earth would buy these?  Okay, so you might be thinking “Coolest invention ever, but I already have a ton of makeup brushes.”

Just look at that flawless finish!

The Verdict?  

The results of using the Mermaid Oval Brush set are undeniably impressive, even if they take a while to get used to.  Go ahead,  add the Oval Makeup Brushes to your arsenal of beauty products if  . . . you enjoy a flawless finish in virtually seconds or you use cream foundations and/or contour.  

We recommend these brushes for the ladies who love to achieve a flawless finish in a minimal amount of time.  In our testing and through many, many YouTube videos we’ve seen these brushes work magic in mere minutes.  They’ve even been called “Lifechanging” for their speed and efficiency.  

We also recommend using the Oval Brush Set when applying cream foundations and contours.  The densely packed brushes and soft bristles were able to distribute the product evenly across the face without overloading our brushes. (Waste not, want not, right?!)  The brushes even slide product into the hairline for a super natural look.  (YES!!! Just say NO to visible foundation lines.)

Watch our Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial where our MUA used the Mermaid Oval Brushes for foundation and concealer.

Make this moment last – How to care for your Mermaid Oval Brush Set

Maintain your oval brush set as you would with any of your brushes – hopefully you’re on a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning schedule.  If not, you may want to start. Article after article shows how nasty dirty makeup brushes can get and the problems they cause: bacterial infections, clogged pores and even ruining your makeup tools.  Ewwww, it’s enough to make your skin crawl.

You want our advice?  Wash your oval brushes once a week (bi-weekly if you’re feeling really lazy) with a mild soap or oil (think baby soap or jojoba oil).  Get in there and really suds those babies up.  Give your brushes the bubble bath you’ve always dreamed.  Rinse until the water runs clear to make sure you’ve cleaned all the soap out of the bristles.

Drying Pro Tip:  Place the brush face down and hang off a counter top.  (You may want to lay a towel below to catch the drip.) Make sure they stay by placing something heavy over them (like a book) to keep them from falling off the edge.

What’s your take on the Mermaid Oval Brush Set?  Yes or No?  Leave us a comment below and let us know what your take is on the latest makeup brush craze.  


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