It’s Time You Took Your Skin Care To A New Level

GS LOVE / May 17, 2016

Our skin’s needs can vary based on the time of the month, the weather, and how well-rested we are. Our stress and hormone levels also play a big part into how much TLC our skin demands from us.

But for the most part, the root of a great skin care routine begins at the cleansing, and has just as much to do with what products you use as much as how often you actually use them.

One of the smartest ways to cleanse is by using products that are plant based. GS-Love recently began to carry Nature Republic products, which use natural ingredients. So, as you may imagine, we were beyond thrilled to test them out.

Here is what you should know about each of the first products currently available through And if you keep scrolling, you can watch our YouTube video where we show you just easy it is to use the skin care products to achieve a clean, glowy skin.

exfoliating body mist GS Love Nature RepublicExfoliating Body Mist

The cells on your body regularly shed to reveal new, healthier skin underneath. But as you get older, that process will gradually slow down. Yikes! No worries. Just reach for an exfoliator. When massaged over your body, an exfoliating mist or scrub help remove dead skin and doing so will allow your moisturizer to enter your cells and hydrate your skin more effectively.

makeup remover GS Love Nature Republic

Makeup Remover
Particularly after one of those nights that called for heavy liner or a smoky eye– you’ll want to make sure you remove all signs of party mayhem, especially if those signs are loud and clear on your face. But since your eye area is a very delicate part of your face, a natural makeup remover should be your go-to. A good one, like this one from Nature Republic, will work as a twofer, removing makeup residue and moisturizing your lids and lashes at  the same time. Soothing Gel GS Love Nature Republic

Soothing Gel
Aloe Vera naturally relaxes sunburns, hydrates skin, and treats other dermatologic conditions. So it’s no wonder why the Aloe Vera Soothing Gel is one of the brand’s most beloved products. If incorporated into your daily skin care routine you’re sure to have deeply moisturized and glowy skin in no time.


Watch how easy it is to use the skin care products to achieve a clean, glowy skin.

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