Holiday Shimmer Eye Makeup Tutorial

GS LOVE / December 14, 2016

Need a new look for all the Christmas parties coming up?

Heat up your look with the warm shades of metallic bronze eye shadow.   Makeup artist, Melissa Hurkman, shows us how to get the look in our latest Holiday Shimmer Eye Makeup Tutorial.

Love the look, but don’t know what to wear with it?  Don’t worry, we’ve provided a few outfit ideas for your next holiday #OOTN.

Holiday Shimmer Eye Makeup Tutorial

Products Used for Holiday Shimmer Eye Makeup Tutorial

Golden Soleil Bronzer, $5.99

The key to this look is to use a bronze shimmer color.   The metallic bronze color catches the light and makes your eyes sparkle.  Don’t be afraid to get creative with the colors you have on hand.  We actually used a bronzer for our eyeshadow shade!

Shimmer Eye Makeup Tip: Remember to apply in light layers —  it’s much easier to get the color you want by layering the shadow rather than applying with a heavy hand.   The Oompa Loompa look is not on trend . . . and hopefully never will be.

Boudoir Eyes Shadow Palette, $5.99

Add depth and smokiness with a darker shade to the outer corners of the eye.  Just a touch does it, the key to this look is to keep it subtle with just a touch of glamour.

Keep the darkest shade for smudging close to the lash line.  This little step adds fullness to your eyelash base for that “lashes for days” look.   In fact, keep this little tip in handy the next time you’re in a time crunch.  It’s an easy, yet often overlooked, way to add a perked up look for your “no-makeup” makeup days.

Want a more dramatic look?  Head to our Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial to watch our video how-to!

What to wear with your Holiday Shimmer Eye Makeup Look

Now that you’ve got your makeup look it’s time to talk about your outfit.  One of the reasons we love this metallic bronze shade is because it goes with practically everything!   

We’ve picked a few different looks to give you some inspiration.  

Whether it’s sophisticated glamour, a sparkling mini dress, or a playful fit and flare, the versatile shade of metallic bronze will be the proverbial icing on the cake.

Looking for something with drama?  Try our Plus Size Mini Sweetheart Sequin Dressthe off shoulder styling and embellished sequins will dazzle as much as your makeup look.

(Click on an image to enlarge.)

For an elegant look, we opted to pair our Holiday Shimmer Look with our Plus Size Off Shoulder Mesh Sleeve Bodycon Dress.  The sheer sleeves give a soft glam look and the monochromatic color palette provides the perfect backdrop to make those bronze eyes pop!

Want to sparkle from head to toe?  Don’t be bashful.  Pair a sequined dress with your bronze eyeshadow look. We’ve picked the Sequin Wave Off Shoulder Dress because of its tonal metallic colored finish.

One of the perks to this style of dress is the ability to pair with gold AND silver jewelry.  Best of both worlds?  We think so.

(Click on an image to enlarge.)

Would you rather become a Winter Queen dressed in all white?

Take a peek at our Flared Chiffon Cami Dress, a subtle gold chevron pattern is woven throughout for a ladylike look.  Gold-toned heels and metallic bronze makeup look warm up the look for an irresistible party look.

Experiment with your looks!  We’d love to see how YOU style our Holiday Shimmer Eye Makeup Look.  Remember to tag us with your #OOTD with #gslovesme.


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