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Get The Look: Braid It Like Kylie

GS LOVE / April 29, 2016

The messy hair bun is out. The new go-to hair trend has everyone reminiscing on childhood memories.

You can thank Kylie and the Kardashian sisters for your new lazy-day style. Although the Dutch and French braid trend is a major throwback to the pigtail braids that defined most of our childhood’s, Jenner rocked an old school Dutch braid look a few days ago, immediately sending girls weaving and crossing sections of their hair in an attempt to get the look.

To nail this braided look as your new quick and effortless up do, follow the steps below and check out our YouTube tutorial on how to braid it like Kylie.

Get The Look How to Braid  Kylie Dutch French

Step-by-Step Get The Look: Braid It Like Kylie

1.) Part

Using a tail comb, part hair down the center from crown to nape and secure one section with an elastic to keep it out of the way.

2.) Separate

Begin one side’s braid by taking a small portion of the front of your hair and dividing into three equal parts.

3.) Over or Under

Braiding underhanded will give you a pop out, Dutch braid look. While braiding overhanded will give you a more traditional French style.

4.) Cross Over

As you cross one section over, grab more hair to include in your hand, continuing down the length of your hair.

5.) Finish

Secure the end with an elastic, and repeat the same steps on the other side.

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