An Exfoliator That Won’t Leave Your Skin Feeling Dry: Our Thoughts On Queen Helene’s Cocoa Butter Scrub

GS LOVE / May 10, 2017
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We had our staff try out Queen Helene’s Cocoa Butter Scrub, and they had a lot to say.

Buying beauty products can be intimidating for even the most seasoned pro.  We’re taking the guessing out of the equation, by having our staff try beauty products and give their honest reactions, so you can decide what products best suit your needs.  In this post, we’ll be reviewing the Cocoa Butter Scrub from Queen Helene.

What it is

This soothing facial cocoa butter scrub clears out your impurities while exfoliating dead and dry skin, leaving your face refreshed.  It’s also one of those beauty products that smells so good you can almost taste it, thanks to the cocoa butter used in its formula.  This cocoa butter is also responsible for moisturizing skin while it exfoliates so it won’t leave you feeling zapped for moisture like other exfoliating products.

What it costs


Where it comes from

The company behind this product, Queen Helene has been providing affordable and effective beauty products for over 75 years, and it shows.  We especially love their usage of natural ingredients and commitment to being environmentally friendly.  None of their products are tested on animals and they use recyclable packaging.  You can find some of the earth’s best ingredients, such as cocoa butter and spearmint in their products.

What We Thought

Tiffany, one of our photo editors, used the cocoa butter scrub and let us know what she thinks.  As she has very dry skin, she used the product on her hand instead of her face.

What is the condition of your skin or complexion? Describe before and after in detail.

Before using the cocoa butter scrub my skin felt dry and was always really flaky.  I was nervous about putting anything other than moisturizer on my skin as I do have really dry skin.  But after using it, I can see my skin is more moisturized and I no longer have any peeling skin.

Did you like the scent? Why or why not?

Yes, who doesn’t love the smell of cocoa butter?  So cozy, and it sticks around after you wash it off.

How is the texture of your skin after using the product?

This got rid of my flaky skin.  I will say my skin was still a little dry so I wouldn’t use this as your sole source of moisturizing product.  Paired with a moisturizer I think it would do just fine.

Did you see any improvements or changes in your skin?

Definitely an improvement in the flakiness of my skin.

Would you recommend this product to a friend?

If you’re dealing with peeling skin, yes.  And I would recommend using it just for the smell too. Sooo yummy.

What’s your overall rate 1 to 5? And why?

I would say a 3.  I really like the scent and it is pretty effective in helping you get soft skin.  The only reason I’m not rating it higher is for those with really dry skin, it doesn’t fully fix your lack of moisture.  Nothing that can’t be fixed with another product but on its own it isn’t fully effective.

Would you recommend this product to a friend?

Yes!  So long as your skin isn’t super dry it should work wonders.

Does this product sound helpful to you?  You can find it here.  

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