5 Reasons Why Beach Waves Make Perfect Convertible Hair

GS LOVE / March 8, 2017
5 Reasons Why Beach Waves Make Great Convertible Hair

Want to give your hair a windswept look?  Try Beach Waves! 

Beach Waves – we’ve seen them grace red carpets, street style photos, and magazine editorials. Adored for their ability to look great on most hair types, relatively low maintenance, and the air of easy-going vibes they give off (Chrissy Teigen we’re looking at you), this ‘do should be a staple in your arsenal of go-to road trip hairstyles.  Here are our top five reasons why we love loose waves during a road trip and a hair tutorial so you can get the look! 


Top Five Reasons We Love Beach Waves During a Road Trip


  1. Windswept hair and beach waves go hand in hand, they’re almost one in the same.  Allow nature to take control and add some volume to those loose curls for the ultimate bombshell hair ‘do.
  2. Windswept beach waves look amazing on almost everyone who wears them. Short hair to long hair, slightly tousled – to all out big and curly.   It seems this hairstyle looks good no matter what, which is why it makes our list of reasons we love wearing beach waves during a road trip!
  3. Beach Waves are perfect second hair.  Okay, so before you start getting nauseated,  stay with me . . . during a road trip you’re probably too busy to take a ton of time to fix your hair, especially with so many adventures in the miles ahead.  Skip the hair wash in the morning and opt for a quick curl.  Whether you’re typically wearing straight locks or you’ve straightened your hair for the first day, beach waves will give you some extra time and some serious happy girl vibes with the wind blowing through them.  
  4. Beach Waves look happy!  It might be us, but it seems like loose waves are often accompanied by a kool-aid smile.  Feel confident and look glamorous on the road? Sounds like a win.
  5. Ease in styling your hair your “next day” hair. These windswept locks are normally created without a ton of product, which means (mostly) clean tresses and the ability to style again and skip that extra wash.  Just remember to add dry shampoo!  We chose to style half up half down space buns for our next day road trip hair.


Beach Waves Hair Tutorial

Beach Waves Hair Tutorial

  1. Section hair where you want to part – we decided on a center part to channel sexy 70’s vibes.
  2. Spray a texturing spray, like dry shampoo, 6 – 8 inches away from hair to give extra hold.
  3. Section off hair to create face-framing curls.
  4. Curl section away from face.
  5. Take small sections and create loose waves remembering to leave about an 1″ or so from the ends.
  6. Continue to curl hair around head.
  7. Go back and add smaller loose curls to any section that you missed.
  8. Lightly mist with a texturing spray to add volume (optional). 
  9. Tousle with your hands to get a loose curl look. 
  10. Spray with hairspray if needed to create extra volume and hold.


You’re reading the first installment of our Appetite for Adventure Road Trip Series: 3 Hairstyles to Wear During Your Next Roadtrip.  For more road trip hairstyles read our Second Day Hair Tutorial: Space Buns and Third Day Hai Turtorialr: Boho Fishtail on the blog.




Photographer: Holly Brown

Hair/Make-up: Sanga Kim

Wardrobe: Taylor Valle

Art Direction: Stephanie Fraide

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